ESA's GOCE satellite launched in 2009

GOCINO stands for GOCE In Ocean Modelling.

The GOCINO project is an EU FP-6 Specific Support Action that actively will contribute to reach the pre-operational capability in ocean modelling for GMES utilizing data from the approved ESA satellite mission GOCE that is planned for launch in early 2009. GOCINO will disseminate the results from the EU FP-5 RTD project "Geoid and Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic GOCINA", especially the recommendations on how to use GOCE data in ocean models, to the operational oceanographic and seasonal forecasting centres in Europe.

GOCINO is a joint European project consisting of 5 partners from Denmark (DTU Space), France (CLS), Norway (NERSC) and UK (UREADES and Met Office). The project runs until December 2009.

GOCINO is a Specific Support Action (contract SSA5-CT-2006-030756) co-funded by the Enterprise and Industry DG of the European Commission within the activities of the 6th Framework Programme.