The GOCINO project is an EU FP-6 Specific Support Action that has actively contributed towards reaching pre-operational capability in ocean modelling for GMES utilizing data from the approved ESA satellite mission GOCE, launched in 2009. GOCINO has disseminated the results from the EU FP-5 RTD project “Geoid and Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic – GOCINA", especially the recommendations of how to use GOCE data in ocean models, to operational oceanographic and seasonal forecasting centres in Europe. To promote and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the exploitation of GOCE data, the project has used specific scenarios for the integration of GOCE data products into four major operational oceanography systems, notably MERCATOR, MFS, FOAM and TOPAZ, and into the seasonal forecasting system at ECMWF. The former systems all contribute to the marine component of GMES developed in the EU FP-6 Integrated Project MERSEA. Dissemination to national and regional operational centres have be carried out in conferences organised by the GOCINO project. More introduction can be found in the presentation from the first GOCINO workshope below

Presentation from the first GOCINO workshop. ECMWF, Jan 7-8, 2008